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Saturday, July 8, 2006

Had a Lovely Vacation

Well, my time between jobs is finally drawing to a close. But I did fun activities yesterday, after applying diligently for a variety of other jobs.

The partner and I headed out to Volente to meet Scott, Karen and two children (one not theirs) for an afternoon on a pontoon boat on Lake Travis. Other than none of us actually knowing where to go once we got there, so we started late, it all went really well (even if the partner said HE would be planning ALL outings henceforth, grumble grumble). Scott couldn't drive the boat too fast, because it wouldn't go fast at all (speedometer didn't work, either, so how would we know if we were going fast?). But we had the lake mostly to ourselves, because we brilliantly went on a Friday rather than the weekend (boating on that lake on weekends is NOT very relaxing). We found a cove to go swimming in and watched the boat float randomly due to an anchor that did not "anchor." Sure is nice water in that lake. We later went to a park and beached the boat and did more swimming. Mostly we looked at fancy houses and tried to figure out where we were. Snaky lake (former river).

After the boat time expired, we went to the lovely Iguana Grill and watched the sunset over the very lake we were just boating on. I really enjoyed my margarita.

All in all, relaxing, fun and no sunburn. This is one of those "we ought to do this someday" things that Karen and I decided we would do NOW. Yay for us. Yay for her for calling and reserving the boat--if only she'd asked WHERE the place was, hee hee.

In knitting news, I am on the garter stitch border of the shawl, so it will end soon. I sent Astrid the Dutch yarn vendor a photo of my bamboo socks and she put them on her website! Whee!

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