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Friday, July 14, 2006

A Week in Corporate America

I now remind myself why I was so glad, all those years, to be a telecommuter and working for a nonprofit. Whatever bureaucracy all those Former Employer volunteers used to complain about is NOTHING compared to ALE (remember, that's Austin's Largest Employer). I did finally get a logon so perhaps on Monday I can get on the computer as me, fill out my timesheet and do other required work tasks. I think there are a lot of weekly reports and stuff I didn't get done this week. That would be because there is no work to report. I just read, read, and read some more. But I sure am up on this company, its philosophy, its internal workings and all that, so when I DO get to work, I will have more of a clue. So it was probably worth it. I am happy to say I made it through my first week! And am just amused, not disgusted. I even wore red shoes one day (this is a mess of Elvis Costello lyrics; don't mind me).

I am enjoying meeting people at ALE, and that is a bonus. And I think once I get a big ole MP3 player, I will be fine with all the noise. I am enjoying all the knitting and tarot friends I am making, too. It is about time I branched out a bit.

But I can't help missing some aspects of the past. Thus it was still SO good to get a phone call from the wonderful and kind NJ last night. It's just good to hear her voice. It is nice to have some reminders of the departed life. It is also good to hear from the dear children every night. Just a week and they will be back. That is good. Of course, the start of 7 am band practices is less than ideal. Well, I'll be avoiding morning and afternoon traffic, that is fer sure.

According to the Dear Partner, I keep getting odd phone calls from people who hang up if he says I am not home. Did I forget to pay a bill? Are criminals casing the joint? What's up with that? I will attempt to not get all worried, and just be sure the doors are locked.

Sigh, wish I didn't type so fast--I'd have made more time pass while working on this.


sandy said...
I'm glad you are able to have a good sense of humor about the work and you are meeting cool new people.Sounds like you have a case of telemarketers. Jeremy gets those kinds of calls also.
Friday, July 14, 2006 6:27:00 PM

Jennifer said...
We get a lot of weird-ass calls. I look their numbers up on and sometimes that's illuminating. Apparently my husband (whose middle initial is D) somehow got confused with someone else who has his name (but whose middle initial is E) and who has a small but very overdue debt. Good times.
Sunday, July 16, 2006 10:05:00 AM

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