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Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekends, They Are Good

Translation: I believe Lee was who I met on the 17th.

Ah, weekends. They actually do allow you to catch up on sleep, see friends, and remember you have a family. I am all for them.

This one was pretty good, though Friday was spent recovering from the week and vegging. That is also a good thing, of course.

The nice thing about teaching knitting is that, while it is work, it doesn't feel like a burden--and I enjoyed this weekend's class a whole lot. It was so fun to see everyone's projects taking shape and everyone learning new things! Plus I got to do tarot readings AND a trip to the conveniently located Goodwill store, where both Jody and I found excellent brown pants. Hers were extremely excellent.

I started to try to make knitted round coasters but it was too much effort on double pointed needles and I gave up. The ribbon shrug I am working on (cannot believe I am making a trendy ole shrug, but I am) is what I worked on instead. I am now on sleeve #2 but need more yarn to finish. Luckily I reserved it, but unluckily I forgot to buy it on Saturday. So, I'll go as far as I can, then continue on Icarius, who is on the final repeat of the less than fascinating base section. I also finally got past all the yarn I rewound from when I was making Diana's shawl out of the Zephyr.

Sunday was fun--we went to the NAMM show. That is the North American Music Merchandising or Merchandisers or something like that. It is a trade show for people who sell music stuff. Mr. Dear Partner got us press passes, because he plans to do a podcast about what he found new and interesting there. And there was plenty of that! There was so much that was breathtakingly beautiful there that my heart kept leaping. Those handmade guitars are just amazing. The wood is so incredibly lovely, and the inlay so precise, and it is so obvious how much time goes into making a guitar, mandolin, etc. I loved listening to the people who made guitars explaining how they did it, why they made certain decisions, and how choices they made affect the sound in various ways. Very educational, even for someone who doesn't play. There were also beautiful drums, Eastern instruments and accordions. Some VERY festive accordions. The brass instrument section also had wonderful instruments--tens of thousands of dollars for silver flutes and such. And interesting finishes.

After that we ate at Chuy's. This socked me--it is a REAL restaurant. The Dear Partner discovered the food was good, plentiful and not all that expensive, so maybe we can go again. I had not been there since I was divorced. There are a LOT of restaurants I miss. Once finances are all together, I am going to eat some good food!

And, since I have been writing this off and on for hours, I can now report that ALE work today was a bit better. I got to do some useful things, meet a couple of additional folks who were quite nice, and teach/remind a coworker how to knit. All in all, good. I am taking a break from stressful stuff, as my tarot journal is telling me to do, and that is fine.


Jody said...
Ohhh, Chuy's. Two words...Mexican Martini. Those are good. Very.
Monday, July 17, 2006 10:29:00 PM

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