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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Icarius Reborn!

In knitting news, I have re-started my Icarus shawl (affectionately known as Icarius). I am making it on needles one size larger than the originals, and using ebony needles. They are a little sharper than the Addi Turbos, and are making it easier to achieve the K2tog that is above a YO, which happens over and over in that pattern. That stitch is always at an awkward angle and tight, thus hard to get the needle into. I am now past the point I was on the first iteration of the shawl, and I think I'll actually finish it. Yee haw. That's good, because I can't order the yarn for my own faroese shawl until payday (a week from tomorrow).

I am in the nether period of no income from previous job and no income from new job, with no unemployment compensation to mitigate it. Yeesh.

Yesterday was the least fun day so far at New Job. I spent ALL day reading technical documents and was so, so cold. A coworker suggested that I tuck my legs under to get warm, and I did it. And I had an allergic reaction to the chair! My leg, from where my cropped pants ended to where my sandal started, turned bright red and my ankle began to swell! It looked really odd. Another coworker rushed me to the convenient HEB on the other side of the New Toll Road from Austin's Largest Employer (I think I will call my employer "ALE" from now on). I got benadryl, and by the time I left, I was no longer swelling or very pink, but I was sleepy. Then I had to go to the yarn shop and teach a class, so wiped out I could barely put together sentences. By the time I got home, I was a total zombie. I just lay in my bed and felt sorry for myself in a weepy fashion for an hour or so. The Dear Partner kindly listened as I described how my self worth was in the toilet, which was what I needed.

I am fine today, and made it through the day, where I got a new desk and a computer, but still no logon. I am finding all the noise rather distracting, and feeling a bit claustrophobic, but I figure I will adjust, and once I have a project or something, I'll zone out and be OK. Everyone at ALE is really nice, especially the other contractors. I think I will learn a lot in Ye Olde Corporate environment. It is strange being a non decision maker. But in some ways good. I did ask for an ergonomic keyboard and a footstool and was told "yes." That pleased me. So, things may be looking up even if I DID choose the Tower today in tarot.

Take care, readers! I think of you all day!


Bev said...
I TOLD you to be careful about the chairs at ALE!!! :-)Here's the story -- a friend of mine who has worked there for a LONG time and is in management, left her cube to go to the restroom and when she came back, not only was her chair GONE but there was an evil sticky note saying that she had been sitting in a VP-level chair and since she wasn't a VP she couldn't have it. So how long had it been hers? 1998! She's got a peon-level chair now and is counting the days til retirement!Best wishes to you, hang in there and keep a blanket in your cube. Most of us over at Austin's Possibly-Largest Non-Profit keep a blankie and a sweater at hand -- we share the same AC unit as the servers, so it's often in the low 60's in my cube.:-)
Thursday, July 13, 2006 6:16:00 PM

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