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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Peace Day

It's the International Day of Peace, and with all my blathering (see my blathering comment that I added to yesterday's blathering, too), I figure I should acknowledge this event. My coworker and I had a minute of silence for peace (not at noon, but near noon), and I have tried to send positive peace thoughts out into the universe today, rather than negative anti-war thoughts. Hmm.

I also want to note how proud I am of some local musician friends for acting on their beliefs about peace. Steve Brooks and the Therapy Sisters come to mind. And all the folks who are doing the Instruments for Peace concerts and other events in town. I am proud of these folks for making their beliefs known and acting on them. It's wonderful to see my hero Slaid Cleaves and my friends Edge City listed among their participants. (PS--Slaid's own hero, Don Walser, died yesterday, so I send my thoughts to him.)

But again, because I am all for peace doesn't mean I hate people in the military. I pretty much don't "hate" anyone, though there are some folks I'd probably prefer to not hang out with.

No more from me today--I am supposed to be thinking, not proclaiming, today.

translation: the coworker mentioned above was Kathy.

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