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Sunday, September 3, 2006

Lozenge Shawl Is Here!

I finally finished the endless binding off phase of this shawl last night and immediately blocked it. Thank goodness the shawl expanded significantly in blocking, because it was sure disappointing looking before blocking. The way the increases were done along the sides made it not really flexible and I was worried it wouldn't expand well. But it did, and as you can see the border looks good, too.

The bind off makes little picots. you bind off one normally, then in the next stitch p1,k1,p1 and then put two of those stitches back on the left needle and bind off the two stil there, then put the next one back, and bind that off, then the next, then you p1 and bind off that, then go back to the p1,k1,p1 thing. Poorly explained, yes.

This is an odd shawl, anyway, which I made because a) I had the yarn already and I truly love Lorna's Laces Heaven yarn, and b) I am still cold at work--Icarius is pretty but not warm. It will make a nice thing to cuddle in when I get work chills! The shawl is supposed to have arched lozenges, but the lace pattern really doesn't do what I think the designer wanted it to. Oh well, it is vertical and the yarn stripes are horizontal, so it all balances nicely, even if there isn't a terribly pretty pattern in it.

If you would like to see more images, look on the Flikr link in the left margin. Click the pix and you can see all of them. That includes the cute picture of the dog that wouldn't load itself into my long post about my personal angst from a couple of days ago.

Speaking of personal angst--I did go to my former church again today. I said I would, because I do feel better. It still made me a bit anxious, but it was nice to see people--some were so welcoming! Just a couple of people who weren't nice to me in the past got into my space and bugged me. That is not too bad, really. This time the good outweighed the bad. Plus, the Oldest Boy really liked seeing his friends again. He went off to lunch with them and is still not back. He is such a big boy now. Man. Boy.

PS: The September issue of Magnits has at least three nice pairs of socks in it. I really like the first one, Lombard.


Des said...
The shawl is beautiful and your new hip hair is beautiful! I know first hand about those going back to church feelings. I hope you find warmth and wrap yourself in beauty. Desiree
Monday, September 04, 2006 10:16:00 AM

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