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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Reading the News Is Educational

...and depressing sometimes. I think I am going too overboard on liberal news sites.

This is a quote from the last words in a wonderful yet sobering speech I just read by MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann, who is one of the new heroes of our sad time, which needs heroes so much:

When we are scolded, that if we merely question, we have “forgotten the lessons of 9/11"… look into this empty space behind me and the bi-partisanship upon which this administration also did not build, and tell me:
Who has left this hole in the ground?
We have not forgotten, Mr. President.
You have.
May this country forgive you.

This cartoon by Mr. Fish goes with the speech. Truly and really, how DARE the people who have bought/stolen the priviledge of running the USA tell those of us who live here that we don't remember 9/11 just because we haven't turned into raging murderous war mongers? Often there is more than one lesson to learn from an event.

Another hero for today is Colin Powell. Arianna Huffington says what I would like to say about his bravery for finally standing up to his former boss, the man who runs the country. How comme none of "us" Dems will start pitching fits? I don't want to live in the country that is the "bad guy" of the world. Thank you, General, and Sen. McCain. We need people who think and don't just react however their political party tells them to, whether liberal, conservative, Christian, or none of the above. I am glad these guys are there and either have enough power or bravery to speak up.

I heard this dude on NPR yesterday. A really frightening evangelical fellow who has some mission to be pals with Jews. Ah, Gershom Gorenberg is his name, and here is his story if you can stomach it. Anyway, he has that evangelicalically smug certainty that he knows exactly how the world we are in, exactly where we are on the countdown to the Rapture, and such that scares be "bejeezus" out of me. Of course, every once in a while he sorta sounds like he is telling the truth (all these wars getting worse and worse, etc.). But that's how they suck people in--some of the stuff they say is barely plausible. I just couldn't stop listening to his assertions as to why the Jews will be JUST fine thanks--as soon as Jesus actually shows up for the second time, they'll say, "OK, we see him now, and so we can believe in him," and magically they'll get saved! What a relief, I am sure, for our Jewish friends. AAAAAA......

On a happier note (yet a very low one)

Want to learn a lot about tubas? I really enjoyed this news item on Friday, and am glad it is all on the web. A 21-year-old woman is the principal tuba player in a major orchestra! The sound samples from the episode are amazing--hard to believe it is tuba music.

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