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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tired of Sick

I am now officially tired of having a cold. I slept most of today, for no good reason--I had slept last night. My head hurts and I couldn't taste the nice dinner I had last night for Cheri's birthday. But, I enjoyed conversation with her and Jody, and doing some tarot, then listening to the older son talk and talk and talk when he got home from his debate event. I should have people over more often. (And I ran into Shannon from tarot class today at church, who would be a fun person to invite for a tarot evening at some point.)

This is the photo I tried to upload in the previous entry. It simply will NOT load there. He is attempting to look "cool." Turns out all the buttons fell off the jacket! You get what you pay for!

A story with a happy ending I hope: As I was waiting for the bus to come back from the debate tournament on Friday (well after the endless football game at far, distant and hot Bowie HS which the team did win) the band director, who was finally heading home as I was heading to my car to sit and wait, found a lovely tortoiseshell kitten with no tail meowing her head off under the "McN HS Band" trailer. It was tame and loved him, and we were worried about it, there with no houses nearby or anyone to feed it, and many cars to run it over, so he (and the older boy, who arrived while we were cat wrangling) and I managed to get it into his truck. I hope he made it home with that loose scared kitten in the cab of the truck!

Too tired to write more. zzz.

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