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Monday, September 11, 2006

I Am an Evangelist

Why am I an evangelist? Well, remember my beloved pens I posted about a couple of weeks ago? I am their evangelist! At Barnes and Noble yesterday, when I was buying a bunch of school books and religious parodies for the older son, there were interesting pens at the checkout. The cashier mentioned how much she loved pens and wanted to try out one of the new pens (they were quite sealed). She said she was a writer, and on a quest for the ideal pen. Of course I launched into a heartfelt testimonial about the wonders of my Uniball .38 pens and showed her one. She was duly impressed and had me write down how to find them on the Internet and exactly which ones to get.

What's the Picture?

That is the car (supposedly a Yugo) that goes with the "You Go" award from work that I got a while back. Everyone who gets the award is supposed to contribute something to the car. For example, Karen who used to sit next to me, put teeny little golden versions of "fuzzy dice" on it. I had thought of just sticking a pansy on it, but my coworker suggested knitting a hat for the bobble-head tweetie bird who is driving the car. I got out my teeny 0000 needles and leftover sock yarn and made a hat that actually fits! Thanks to Genia for taking a picture for me.

The Weekend

I was pretty dead to the world over the weekend. Some of it was because last week at work was so intense (but we had MAJOR fun on Friday writing test questions ALL day long and laughing our butts off when we got punchy). It didn't help that what should have been a pleasant football game chaperoning experience ended up a very wet one. It drizzled through most of the game, including halftime (where the tubas performed valiantly, if not perfectly). But in the 4th quarter, it REALLY began to rain. We had ponchos (older boy's was pink, ho ho, and he stuffed it in the sousaphone). But, my birkenstocks were ruined by the end of the game (which the football team did win). Then, on the bus, I had to sit the bag of chaperoning supplies on me, which DRENCHED me. I should be glad we made it home--all the wet students caused the bus to fog up heinously, and there was no A/C and apparently no defrost. Fun.

Saturday I taught two nice women to knit, plus a bonus teen boy, which is always fun. We all cheered when a friend called the kid up and asked him what he was doing and he said, "Knitting...yeah, I am knitting!" What a fine young man! After that Jody and Tina and I went tarot card and bead shopping, which was quite fun and interesting. I especially enjoyed my Mexican barbecue lunch--the restaurant we ate at was really good. We met some interesting characters at Whole Life, spent a long time finding Tina a deck, then discovered they didn't have copies of it at the store. AAAA. She did purchase a different deck later (maybe she will explain in comments). It was fun going to the bead store, which was nice, but didn't have the large selection that they have at Nomadic Notions, and weren't organized by a system I could identify (probably made a lot more sense to actual beaders!!).

On Sunday I went back to the old spiritual homeplace, and it went better than last week. I avoided most irritants, got to spend some time with old friends, and was touched when a sweet elderly woman came up and told me how glad she was to see me. It was so nice to hear that from someone who wasn't really a close friend, just a nice fellow member.

Today I am sort of sick. I think I have whatever the youngest son had yesterday, with a weird sore throat and a lot of drainage. I am trying really hard to fight it off. Rah rah, fight fight.


Deb said...
Love Tweety's hat. That is so your touch.
Monday, September 11, 2006 11:06:00 PM

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