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Monday, September 18, 2006

I Am Right about Something

OK, this isn't proof or anything, but this article on using video games to teach children reading and writing backs up a gut feeling I have had. I watch my own children reading complex sets of directions, interacting with compatriots, and doing all sorts of complex linguistic functions while playing their role-playing games every day. I see that the younger one types nearly as fast as I do (93 wpm last time tested, remember?). I love it that the teacher in the article uses a nonviolent but richly themed game to spur his students, even male ones, to do creative writing, problem solving and more.

It backs up my impression that like any other tool, video games can be used well or misused. It is up to those who use them, or in the case of children, to the parents and teachers who authorize their use, to make sure that they are being used for purposes that lead to new skills, develop character and improve creativity.


I realized at some point that I have not reported on my knitting progress in the past few days. On Saturday I finished a really pretty store sample in a yarn called Mille Colori, which has a very, very long repeat, if any, in its wonderful striping patterns. Check it out! I am progressing away on the shawl I am making. Monarch, is that its name? Some kind of butterfly. I think it may be even smaller than the small size it is designed to be, but it is looking pretty cool in my hand dyed sock/laceweight yarn. I also finished one plain sock in the crayon-colored Lorna's Laces yarn I got a while back, thanks mostly to a long work meeting where I could knit. I am partway through the leg of sock 2. Gotta move on some socks. Once the shawl is done, I will work on finishing the blue angora blend vest, then a silver mohair vest is next!

My next wish list item is the Lizard Ridge afghan on Knitty. The second I saw it, I knew it was for me. Silly me, I didn't realize everyone else I knew would ALSO want to make it. It'll be like Icarius--lots of folks sporting the same item, but no one making it exactly the same, as Jody pointed out. Jody already got yarn to start it. I am gonna see if I have any Noro that is Kureyon or the same weight ready to go on making a few squares. Not enough knitting time any more.


sandy said...
That article will make Jeremy's day. The computer in general is a wonderful tool and I find it so aggravating when they are discounted and demonized.
Monday, September 18, 2006 8:04:00 PM

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