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Friday, April 6, 2007

Another Crisis Bites the Dust


That's what Greg would say. The recruiter called this morning to offer me the position at a company whose name reminds one of those letters. It will be a challenge to do this, but I enjoy learning and especially enjoy not going into debt and being unemployed. This is a year contract, so my new goal is to find something permanent before it is up. Still have that ALE dream.

I am very relieved. And grateful for all the vibes, candles and such. It seems to have worked.

Next up: hair cut and coloring appointment! I can spend money again! Let's go buy a refrigerator! Then a week of relaxing, resting, and enjoying life rather than worrying.

Must find the next thing to worry about...JUST KIDDING


Elisabeth said...


How nice that the world has finally figured out what some of us knew all along: that Suna is fabulous.

congratulations -- and enjoy this week of leisure, organizing, and fridge-choosing.

Much love, elisabeth

Cheri said...

YAY Sue Ann!

Sam said...

I second what Elisabeth said (she is SO smart!!). You were a shoo-in to win the job. As soon as they opened their ears and listened to what you had to say, there weren't any other possible candidates!
Love, Sam

Anonymous said...