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Friday, April 13, 2007

What Is in a Word, ONE Word?


A lady I know from the knitting store sent out this mass email (of course I did not respond and send it on to all my friends, knowing that I am SO not a mass emailer):

Describe me in one word.... just one single word.

Send it to me and to me only.

Then send this message to all your friends and see how many strange & interesting things they say about you.

The email sat there and I stewed about it. Nearly a month later, I sent her this:

[start email]

Believe it or not, I have been thinking about this a lot--it has to do with a book I am thinking of writing.

OK, so your word is:


Here is how I apply it to you (I realize this is not part of the deal, but it is the idea of categorizing a person by one word and how it would affect your ideas about that person that intrigues me):

  • You are open in how you view the world

  • You are open to new experiences

  • You are open to others who may differ from you

  • You are open to the voice in your heart

  • You interact with other people in an open, honest fashion
  • You are open in how you share your feelings with others

I wonder how I would view you if I had picked another word? I am going to post on my blog an invitation for people to post a word about me, and then I will give them a word if I can think of one. It should be interesting.

[end email]

So, I have been thinking about how applying a label shapes how you think about another person. I think it would be interesting to note how the labels others would give to me would affect my own perceptions of myself. And can I give one-word characterizations like that to others? I am not sure!

The One Word Challenge

So, blog readers, are you up to the challenge? Can you describe me in one word? If you can, please post it in the comments but think of your word BEFORE looking at the others (I'd like to see if any repeat). In return, I will try to think of a word for everyone who contributes. I'll make it a blog entry and you can book mark it and come back, once it's up (I will link to it here).

I think we can learn a lot by considering how our perception of someone else
is shaped by how we categorize them in general, and whether thinking of a one-word
label for someone affects your view of them.

Then, think about how reading all the labels that I hope to find applied to
me affect your perception of me. I know it is weird to subject myself to such
scrutiny, but I didn't want to do it to anyone else, so I win.

Thanks in advance for participating!


Shelly said...

Another question:

How will the one word I choose for you affect how you (and others) think about me?

My word for you: Genuine

sandy said...



Lee said...

I really had to think about this for a while. I argued for much of the morning over whether or not it could even be done.

Finally, I decided that the word would have to depend on audience. If I were talking to you, the word would have to be love. To a perspective employer, it would be diligent or thorough. To my friends, it would be wonderful. And so on....

Suna said...

My son Beccano said his word for me is "SueAnn" (no space). Lee then chimed in that his original response was "Suna."

OK, that cheating tactic has been taken, so no one else can do it. Also ONE word, please...LEEEEE. Though that was sweet. :-)

And Shelley, you are right--your question is also a good one to ponder--how does each person's word for you affect your perception of them?

Sandy, I'll go comment on your blog. :-)

mev said...



Tina said...


(I wanted to say mom-esque, but I didn't think made up words counted.)

Sam said...

I will say:

That's the very image of you I have always had in my head.

Vicki said...

My word sounds kinda dorky but what came into my mind was "keen". Then I looked it up on and I found it really was the right word:

(Definitions one and two mean "sharp")

"3.characterized by strength and distinctness of perception; extremely sensitive or responsive: keen eyes; keen ears.
4.having or showing great mental penetration or acumen: keen reasoning; a keen mind.
5.animated by or showing strong feeling or desire: keen competition.
6.intense, as feeling or desire: keen ambition; keen jealousy.
7. eager; interested; enthusiastic (often fol. by about, on, etc., or an infinitive): She is really keen on going swimming.
8. Slang. great; wonderful; marvelous."

Robin said...


Because you knit together more than yarn. Since I've known you (and it's been many years, hasn't it?) you have always knitted together people, solutions, ideas, words.

Yes, you are a knitter of many things.

Patty said...

To pick one word for you, Suna, I will choose intelligent. It is hard to pick only one word, but I think your intelligence is the base for many of your other qualities.

Anonymous said...

I followed the rules and thought of a word before looking at the others (thought about it since yesterday). The word that came to mind this morning is...

I think it's a close match to what Robin said. Good collaboration includes strong components of acceptance, respect, sensitivity, communication, forward thinking, and seeing the greater good. That's what I know of you, and that's how I cheated and got in extra words. :-)


Connor said...

I had a few words flow of course and yet I found Knitter as well, on so many levels as Robin suggests!!!! Bringing those 'threads of life into beautiful, colorful wholeness'

Stephanie said...

There's nothing sweeter than the sound of a friend's laughter so I'll admit my first thought and let you LOL. (Sorry I won't be able to hear it myself!)


Seriously. I have always known you to pursue everything - problem-solving at work and with friends, creative projects, caring for your family and friends - with a dogged determination to do your best. I guess I could have chosen "tenacious" or "persistent" but then we'd miss out on the excellent double entendre!

Anonymous said...

My word to describe you is Perceptive. Or maybe Visionary. Something between those two. I think you see things very clearly, including things that can not actually be seen with the eyes.

Now I'm going to read all the other ones!


Belinda said...

Energetic because you are always busy doing something!

Katy S said...

Okay, great way to root out lurkers
(even one who is slightly worried about being defined in one word)!

What came to my mind for you was "intense." Take this in the context that the only times I have seen you IRL were at conferences of the DNO.........

Concerned that it wasn't exactly the word I wanted, I of course looked at a handy-dandy online thesaurus. Some synonyms for intense were spot-on, others were not.
But below it was a listing for "active," as defined as "involved" (the first definition is "moving").
And it was you. Mostly.
And the antonyms were your antonyms.
Again, in the context of which I have seen you :-).
You are "active" with these synonyms.

You are probably not surprised that, for me, one word was not enough......

Main Entry: active
Part of Speech: adjective 2
Definition: involved
Synonyms: aggressive, agile, alert, alive, animated, assiduous, bold, brisk, bustling, busy, chipper, daring, dashing, determined, dexterous, diligent, dynamic, eager, energetic, enlivened, enterprising, enthusiastic, eventful, fireball*, forceful, forcible, fresh, frisky, hard-working, high-spirited, hyper*, industrious, intense, inventive, jumping, keen, lively, nimble, perky, persevering, purposeful, pushing, quick, rapid, ready, resolute, sharp, sprightly, spry, whiz*, zealous
Antonyms: dead, disinterested, idle, paralyzed, slow, tired

Anonymous said...


- he who never comments