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Monday, April 30, 2007

Kidz at Work

I thought it would be fun to share this link to the Older Boy and the Girl's AP World History project. It's a Flash animation, with the Flash part courtesy of Beccano. While it has a few "issues" (the voices don't synch quite right, and some of the images don't display long enough), it's still pretty good. The Older Boy is the voice of the US fellow, and may also be the USSR guy--hard to tell, since the voices are distorted. The Girl is the narrator. Note that it is on endless loop, so get out when it restarts! I will tell Beccano how to make his next one end, not loop.

I was very impressed at how hard the worked on the project. It took them days and days, and lots of cooperative action among the team. It was enjoyable to see the high schoolers relying on the younger teen's expertise. And I think they were the only ones doing a Flash presentation for their project!

Of course, there was a down side. As I was trying to get to sleep with the help of Tylenol PM (boring story of incredible itching issues from sun and mosquitoes), Older Boy came in looking for help in making the presentation viewable by his teacher. Apparently no computer at the school has FlashPlayer. I tried to let Lee and him figure it out, but ended up being needed to upload the file to the Web. But, the fact that I uploaded it is why I can share!


sandy said...

That is sooo annoying when the school district IT "shuts off" downloading without having installed programs like Flash and Adobe! Glad you came up with a solution.

The presentation looks great and I can tell they did a lot of work on it.

Stephanie said...

Minya zovut Stephanie i ya skazhu "Wow! What a great job the boys and girl did on this project!" :-)