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Friday, April 27, 2007

Stop and Smell the Honeysuckle

So, this is not a picture of honeysuckle, but it's been so long since I posted anything I knitted that I just had to put this in. Click on it to see what a pretty pattern this is, and it IS floral--so it counts. The scarf is in Noro Aurora, which has interesting colors and some lurex, but not too much. It's a Eugen Beugler pattern, with a lovely scalloped edge with twisted garter stitch. It was a real pleasure to knit--just took me a while to block it--had to find a dog-free space (Jeff's room since he is gone house sitting).

As for honeysuckle, I finally found the door OUT of the building at work, and lo and behold, not only is there a jogging path but also a hiking trail out there! It was so beautiful and quiet and shady. Suddenly I thought it smelled like bath gel, and I realized the wild honeysuckle was blooming. Oh, so wonderful to smell real honeysuckle, not the Bath and Bodyworks kind! I found a map that pointed to an overlook, which led me to a wooden bench beside one of those local limestone cliffs where water was gurgling away. There were many kinds of butterflies on the wildflowers, including some beautiful blue ones. I sat and knitted a row and basked--if it weren't for the construction sounds off of 2222 (a road), you'd never have known you were near a city or a large workplace. So, now I have a place to go escape. I LIKE it at work now!!!

May 6: In response to Kris's thoughtful comment, I want to point out that I agree with her on vines. In fact, on March 28 I wrote a post labeled "Pollen" in which I go into great detail about the thrill I have when I murderize a vine in my yard. (Don't get me started about how the grapevine is coming back with a vengeance, either.) And honeysuckle is a VINE, and thus not my favorite garden friend. Wild honeysuckle smells wonderful, but I am very glad it has not appeared in my yard. I have plenty of irritating coral honeysuckle, thanks, which has died where I want it to be, but in its death throes sent out many seedlings. Each corner of my house now has one trying to strangulate something (a crape myrtle or a Texas sage). And there is one in the back corner that is "allowed" to stay because I had tried to plant a "good" vine there earlier but it is too shady for words.

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Anonymous said...

I'm having fun catching up on your blog, and this entry cracked me up because urban forestry people despise honeysuckle. It catches on my bright orange vest and won't let me move away from the dreaded poison ivy without great effort, and when I finally break free it whips me in the face and makes me bleed; it blocks my view of powerlines so I can't see if yonder walnut or pin oak needs a dot of orange paint; it shelters birds that crap all over me as they fly away in terror of the bleeding woman in the orange vest trying to keep the Palm Pilot dry... I dislike honeysuckle so much, I recently told my supervisor it belongs in the same category with mosquitoes and Michael Jackson. But I'm glad you're able to commune with it. What is bath gel? Butterflies are cool. :-D