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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cold and Colder in the Kitchen

It's an exciting day at our house. The item pictured at left will show up later today, sadly, without all the food in it. We got a floor model with a little broken piece and a tiny scratch, so it was even less than advertised--total $400 off. Woo. Lee is a great bargain hunter and fridge provider.

Why am I so ecstatic over this? Well, the one we have we bought used (and WAS an improvement over the too-small previous used one). Its door never shut properly, leading to it often being slightly ajar. All the bins in the door began falling off randomly, so we could store nothing in there other than little light items. And the kicker was that in the past year or so it started freezing up periodically, so that the internal temp would fall and stuff would get messed up. Now, when a refrigerator stops refrigerating, it's time for a new one, I say! It's not doing its job!

This one has an external temperature reading, so I will KNOW if it is messed up (not something I was dying for, but hey, I got it at the price of one without that feature). It also has a taller water and ice dispenser so our tall glasses will fit. And THREE bins that store 3-liter sodas. Plus built-in can storage. And the ice maker has an interesting set up with an angle, which lets you have an extra freezer shelf, but easily tilts down to get ice. Really, someone was thinking when they designed this one.

You will note it is stainless steel. I did not jump on the bandwagon--they didn't have a black one on sale. And the black ice maker will blend it with our other appliances (which are GE profile, from the builder). Aside: we also found a dishwasher we liked a lot. We hate the dishwasher almost as much as we hated the old fridge.

So, Lee and the boys will install this new marvel and I will be in heaven. Not only do I now have the fanciest front-loading washer and dryer EVER thanks to Lee (my old ones now live in his old house) but he also got me this lovely fridge. Quite the 5-month anniversary gift, huh??


sandy said...

Nothing says "I love you" and "I am in this for the long haul" than major appliances ;-)

Lee said...

You're right, Sandy. But ours doesn't have as much food as the picture shows.