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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Weather, Schmeather

OK, we are in Austin, TX and it is well into April. Then WHY is it SLEETING? And why does the weather thing say it is 30 degrees out? Brr. We had to go grocery shopping amidst all these little ice cubes falling from the sky. Then Lee and Beccano had to bring in all my lovely hanging and potted plants and cover up the other plants. This made Lee into his Fuzzy Headed Boyfriend mode. But, at least we will not lose all the plants we've been working so hard on!

Since it is all rainy and icky, I am making pea soup and homemade bread. We will also have a salad at dinner. Beccano made giant cookies (which had a hard time actually cooking). We got stuff to make lasagna for tomorrow, and a fruit cobbler for the baker boy to make. Good rainy day stuff, since it should be icky again tomorrow, and my sister is coming for one of her final visits before moving to Gainesville.

Everybody's going away. Soon it will just be me, Lee and the boys on holidays.

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Lee said...

I really did like the pea soup the way you made it. Not my favorite thing you've ever cooked, but definitely "Fit To Eat."

BTW, the latest I've ever seen a freeze in this part of Texas was late May. The earliest I've ever seen it break 100 the second week of February, and we had a killer ice storm the next week. Warm temps got all the trees to leaf out early; then the ice pulled them in half.

Anyway, you make cold, rainy days fun.