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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lawn Furniture Fun

So, what are we doing this weekend other than refrigerating? I may have mentioned last week that Lee got some older wooden lawn furniture at an estate sale last week (we found out that the sale was of things belonging to a family who all died in a plane crash--how sad--I hope we can do them an honor by fixing it up and giving it new life).

So, here's a picture of what the patio looked like yesterday, with grumpy morning Lee and a tangle of dogs in it. There's wooden furniture and black wrought-iron furniture we've had since the house in Illinois. Lee got the idea of repainting the wooden stuff AND the wrought-iron stuff and making a festive patio. We got paint in many happy bright colors, and are going to have all sorts of different colorations going. We're also going to paint the wall hangings that are metal, and perhaps some of the plant pots (what the heck).

Yesterday I painted four of the metal items. Three chairs and a small table. Green, red and yellow. Well, doing it in the garage was a pain. Paint everywhere. And no way to keep colors off each other. Plus, the cute little trigger thing we got stopped working, so I ended up having my finger all numbed from pressing the nozzle. Argh. And I still have a blue chair and an orange table and glider to paint! Worse, today is just supposed to be partly cloudy, but it is drizzling!

The wooden chairs and loungers need to be sanded, primed, then painted, so they will take longer. I got us a sander, and one chair is done. Looks good. We also have to repair the chairs a bit--tightening their bolts and such--they are old. They will be pink, purple, yellow, blue and something else. Red...the idea is we will have two of every color once we are done.

I must say that, though it was a lot of work and mess, the ones I painted yesterday look spectacular and the patio already looks more cheery. I think it will be a fun look. Why be boring in the back yard, right?

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Sam said...

Don't forget to post a picture of the furniture when it is finished. I bet it will look GREAT and serve the memory of the people that died VERY well!!!

PS - LOVE the picture of your new fridge. Getting used to it yet??