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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Horoscope funny

Today's horoscope in Google was so true I just had to share:

"Sometimes your fantasies are actually better than when you finally get your dreams fulfilled. Today, however, reality is as good as you wish. The biggest annoyance is the mountain of details that you must attend to before you can let go and play with your friends. Don't get discouraged; just keep working steadily until you get through your chores. Your pleasure will wait."

That's the advice I need to stop me from being overwhelmed by all the "to do" things I have at home, when really and truly I am as happy and fulfilled as good ole Buddy looks like he is in the picture! Isn't he a pretty Big Dog?

And I have a lot of pleasure, honest. Even the icky stuff's sort of amusing, like Beccano getting in trouble for not standing up fast enough during the Pledge of Allegiance. We are all secretly proud, but Older Boy said, well, you can stand as a show of respect for the beliefs of others. That made sense.

I am also enjoying Older Boy and The Girl. They are a lot of fun. I have enjoyed listening to all three of them working on an AP World History project. It's Older Boy and The Girl's project, but Beccano is making a Flash animation of their Cold War report for them. They are chatting away in Russian and working fairly well together.

In good news, Beccano won't need braces until he is at least 16--his jaw is growing so fast that the dentist didn't want to work on his teeth yet. Whew, spared an expense for a while, at least. That helps my anxiety levels, too, as does the fact that Lee made us all a nice dinner and the men moved the old fridge OUT of the kitchen.

Life is good. And tomorrow I have STUFF to do at work, so it will go more quickly. Yay employment.

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