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Friday, April 13, 2007

Two Blogs Are One--and Comments

Just a note to say that all the posts from my first blog are now listed on this one. The only odd thing is that I didn't take the time to figure out how to re-post comments, so they are in the text of each post. I left in the amusing translations I wrote for Lee's STBX (very S).

Speaking of comments. I miss them. I like hearing from my friends and "fans." So, say hi sometime, or I'll end up feeling like I am writing just for me. Hmm, actually I sort of AM writing just for me. I'd keep this up as a journal even if no one else read, but I still enjoy the feedback.

Now I can go delete the old blog! Yay. I accomplished at least one of my "things to do while unemployed" goals.


Tina said...

Speaking of comments, I'll catch you up with what I don't want to post on my own blog in an email. Also, I am still here and reading.

Were we going the Tarot stuff this Saturday?

sandy said...

Hi Suna's blog. You are another part of my Google home page and I read you everyday. I'd comment more often, but the time I take to read doesn't always allow me to comment.

-Author of another nearly comment-free blog