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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Happenin's and Transitions

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind of telephone calls, job interviews, and applying for jobs. I am not exaggerating when I say it is as much work to look for work as it is to work. Maybe more. I have a lot of interesting possibilities, and one that may very well work out soon--not the best one. However, this one is offering me more money than they originally said (good!). So, we'll see. Here are the possibilities:

  1. Nonprofit organization software: the place I interviewed for 5 hours at on Monday. That is a REAL job, not too far away, and with nice folks. It has a little travel. You get to help people figure out their web needs and then let other people meet those. That is so good. I have no idea what it pays because I forgot to ask. Duh.

  2. Short contract doing Wikis at a place only 5 minutes from the house. I like this one because it would last long enough for me to be eligible to go back to ALE and hang out with my beloved Lee again, if I desired. Or get a REAL job there. And this one does not sound too hard. I know my wikis. This just popped up yesterday.

  3. The one that's a long-term contract doing training stuff is third. It looks like the hardest job, and the one I have the least confidence in. But I like the contracting agency staff.

  4. There is another one that came up this week and I have interviewed for. It is located SO FAR from here that it is not funny. But it is working with interesting people and is a high-level web strategy position.

Lots to think about. I have interviewed at least once with everything but the wiki place. That should be soon, I think.


In other news, my baby is growing up. Younger Son is now Beccano in this blog, because he has his own blog now (only for people he KNOWS) and has joined Lee and me on our tarot blog. He draws cards many days, and wanted to record them. So now we all get to blog together. He is definitely mature enough to read the tarot blog--Lee and I don't go into anything he can't know about there, other than some mushiness. And Beccano knows we are mushy. I am proud of him. Today we are enjoying a day together because he had a fever last night. We all got some "gastrointestinal distress" yesterday.

Beccano is his Wookie name on Star Wars Galaxies. And part of his AIM screen name. I guess it is for him like Suna is for me--another part of himself.

We think the pollen is passing. I have never seen so much oak debris in my life. I keep sweeping up huge piles. And the grass is 3-4 inches tall in spots! Lee brought home a cool turtle planter he had at his old house, and we are going to put nice flowers in it shortly, in the front of the house. Really looking nice around here.

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