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Monday, January 7, 2008

Is It Just Me?

You know what? I have stopped getting spam. My junk mail folder for the past few days has nothing in it but a couple of legitimate emails that were blind carbons. I seem to be getting all my legit email, though.

No one cares if my pee-pee is big enough any more? What if I have ED? And, sniff, how will I ever get OEM software? Ooh, here's an article on how Viagra spam works, if you ever wondered. I hope it's OK with them to share their illustration. I cited the source.

Did some newer and fancier anti-spam law pass when I wasn't looking? I just got a 2008 email marketing technique book, and it only mentions CAN-SPAM from 2003. Did all the spammers just give up? Did Eudora suddenly improve when I wasn't looking? (I doubt that--my email software won't update again until I pay money again, and I can't now.)

Has anyone else noticed a remarkable decrease in unwanted email in the past week or two?


Jennifer said...

Usually when I see a decrease in spam it's because one of the programs that provides spam filtering at the various levels of my ISP and email account have just updated their spam "rules" and are temporarily ahead of the spammers in the spam "arms race". And let me just say the word "spam" a few more times here. Spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam and spam. ('Baked beans are off!' 'Can I have spam instead??')

sandy said...


Robin said...

They are all sending it to me instead. After two years of not getting any spam, or as little as one or two pieces a week, I am now suddenly getting as many as 40-50 per day in my spam folder.

Verizon definitely needs to update its rules or something!!!