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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Job Seeker Blog #7

I haven't posted much lately because nothing happened until recently. I have to admit it has been getting me down. It takes a lot of my energy to keep up the good front, and every couple of weeks I fall down and start to wallow. So, I spent the last couple of days wallowing. Lee had some idea that I'd get an offer yesterday, so when nothing happened, I felt even worse. Of course, maybe someone was just thinking of me or something!

But, my tarot cards were all happy, so I kept hoping and kept applying.

Of course things turned around, or at least things happened. My friend Ginger keeps sending me referrals, and that helps, too. She was the best thing that happened at the previous job!

Today these developments occurred:
  1. I got an email from the place I like best, asking me to come back in tomorrow for another round of interviews. Whew. They like to interview. My concern is they may be considering me for a different position. But, the title of my interview sheet still lists the previous one. Lee's idea is maybe they want me for a management position. Yeah, that would be a possibility, given the level of people scheduled to interview me. That would be fun! I'll continue to hope for that good job I already interviewed for.
  2. I got a call from a recruiter for a job I applied for last week, and did a phone interview with her. I honestly don't think this one will work out, but I commend the company for looking at candidates outside their usual pool of applicants. They want writing samples. That seems to be my downfall.
  3. I finally heard back from ALE about that job I interviewed for in December. Sure enough, that job went away. The recruiter said someone already there is going to have my job added to their responsibilities. Sigh. He said right now only the jobs that directly interact with customers are moving forward. There go the other jobs I applied for there! He did say the guys I talked to really liked me, and he put positive notes in my file for the other jobs I'd applied for. That is nice. Of course, I know how that goes.
There you have it. I hope I hear back from some of the places I have applied for this week. Keep up the good thoughts. This is really dragging out.

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Lee said...

I was a day late. Given my normal disdain for time, my psychic abilities didn't account for the holiday. Sigh.