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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Snooze

It's been a less than stellar weekend, but at least things got accomplished. Oh, it really hasn't been that bad--I just let the job woes color everything, which is never a good idea.

One reason it's felt weird is that Tuba Boy has not been around practically at all. He had a debate tournament on Friday and Saturday, a "lock in" at church Friday night, then church stuff all day today. He just got home and we had our first conversation since Thursday! I'm glad he is doing the Our Whole Lives sexuality education curriculum at church this year. It's his last chance during high school. I'm even happier because I got to see an old and dear friend at the parent orientation. One of the people the church mess *I* went through had lost to me. The group of kids seems like it will be fun, and there are some good teachers. I hope he gets to finish it this time--he didn't last time he took it, in middle school (it was during the complicated divorce time).

But, while Tuba Boy was gone, the rest of us did some fun stuff. Lee, Beccano and I had a nice Chinese dinner on Friday, then went to IKEA, just for something to do. B. had never been there before, and Lee and I both really enjoyed watching him take in all the sights. He had many home decor ideas--what fun to see his taste developing. I got an inexpensive press coffee maker to use while Lee isn't drinking coffee (he figured out it is taking his blood pressure from normal to borderline high). And some candles. Not wild spending, but I have to be so careful right now!

Yesterday featured the usual teaching of knitting, and that was pleasant--really nice ladies who were great learners. Plus two of my favorite knitting friends showed up and we had calm, cheerful conversation. It was just a nice pleasant interlude.

After that, I realized it was finally sunny and not cold (had rained/fogged all week, and boy am I tired of cleaning up dog footprints in the kitchen). I came home and worked in the yard for a couple of hours. Got old plant matter cleared out so the new can show up, and raked an incredible amount of leaves out of the flower bed where the burr oak is. Every plant in that bed seems to be designed to make leaf removal impossible, too. But, it looks really good in the front yard now, and I feel a lot better seeing some visible results of my efforts. Lee, in the meantime, got a ton of work done in the garage, so those results are also great to see. The motorcycle is back in the garage (whew--I figure the home owner association would be writing us about it soon).

In the meantime, while I was at the yarn shop, Beccano straightened his hair. The photo depicts him attempting to project teen angst. I just about burst a gut watching him do various tricks with the straight hair, which was so full of gel it would go anywhere and stay. There were the "Extra Emo" look, the "Bozo the Clown" and the very special "Looks Like He Has Built-in Headphones" look. I cannot say which I preferred. But it was fun and funny.

Today was good in church, even with an incredibly tedious sermon by a rambling church member, who of course, had the best of intentions. The best part was that I was absolutely thrilled to see another old friend, who had left for another church, back. I had been thinking about how much I missed her just the day before. Heck, I am tearing up just thinking about it. Just having a little bit of "the way things were" back makes me feel good. Now, if only certain fellow bloggers whose names start with "S" would come...both she and Diane missed seeing the new baby of our fellow choir members. He has hair! He is nursing well! He's still mostly asleep! The ideal baby!

After church, Lee, Beccano and I went for a drive in the country. We just looked at stuff and listened to CDs, including Pete Townshend's incredibly weird Psycho Derelict -- one I have practically memorized because it was on an MP3 CD I used to listen to in my old car over and over. It was really nice to see the outside world for a bit. Once we got home, I hit a funk after talking to my dad, but I think I will live. Just have to keep up my spirits somehow while I wait for job action.


DianeS said...

OK, now you're going to have to tell me who came back (privately, of course)! I wasn't there because there are certain people, including but not limited to the speaker, who seriously need to be soundly slapped and I figured it would be better if I didn't do it. (But boy do I want to!) Also I've been suffering with an ear infection since Thursday. It's finally clearing up a bit, but it had me feverish and in pain and therefore asleep a lot. The plan for this morning was to go out for a nice Sunday brunch, except I slept through the morning.

I'm nearly through with my new tight braided cable socks -- I've done the last cable and started on the ribbing. Right now I'm leaning towards never doing cables again, but I'm sure I'll get over that. Eventually.(g)

Hope to see you Wednesday night!

Des said...

So glad your boy is in the OWL. It is such a good cirriculum. I guess I really should go back to church. It's almost time for my girl to take it. YIKES.

I love IKEA, just tricked out the art studio with inexpensive IKEA cabinets. I go once a year for candles.

Saranda said...

Yikes! Emo Beccano! I'll have to introduce him to my Russian...

I plan to show up at church 2/17 for the Dixieland music (with the Russian). I keep having school meetings on Wed nights and other stuff on Sundays. :(

I missed the baby! wah!!! and like Diane, I'm eager to know who else I missed... and are they really back?

OWL... I guess I have to wait two more years - Lorianda is only in 6th grade, and Ninja Girl is just so busy she would have missed most of the meetings. :(

P.S. You got the Buddha candle today, since that blue one and the dia de los muertos one haven't paid off yet.