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Friday, January 11, 2008

Job Seeker Blog #5

There is little to report on the job front for the past two days. All I did was write some thank-you notes to places where I interviewed. I hope I did those OK. No calls came in, and everything on Monster, Craigslist and Yahoo Hot Jobs was either not something I was qualified for or paid so little I really couldn't live on them. Sigh.

The theory is that the places I liked so much are checking my references right this minute! Yeah!

The slight highlight is that I got my unemployment debit card with an amount on it that is just about half of what I was making when I worked. That will be extremely helpful, and probably we can get by on that. I do hope I don't need it for long. It is sad to be on unemployment. Also the card is very irritating. What I need is for money to be in my checking account, to pay all those bills that get automatically deducted. So I will have to go go the bank and have them show me how to get all the money off that card and into the bank account. Grr.

All this has me not in the best mood.

Also, not related to the job search, please, please send vibes to Lee. His illness is not getting better--still having high fevers. He broke down and went to the doctor, which is no fun without insurance, and discovered that yep, he has pneumonia. At least he now has strong antibiotics, and got his allergy prescription refilled, on top of that. I feel so sorry for him. It's a LONG time to be sick. And he's been trying to work from home, and doing pretty well--still, that is really difficult.

We are just not having a very good week.

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DianeS said...

I'm sorry to hear it's all going so badly! I would think a "not the best mood" is completely reasonable!

I remember being on unemployment -- this was 22 years ago, so there was no debit card. There were reasons why it took me six months to get a new job, but I was so thankful for the extra money during that time! I can see how the debit card could be less than terribly convenient.

As for Lee -- ick. Poor guy. I hate pneumonia, as you probably remember, so I'm glad he's gotten good medication finally. I hope it will have him feeling at least a bit better very soon. I will keep him in my thoughts.