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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Job Seeker Blog #8 and Food

Gosh, I had really hoped to not hit 8 job seeker blogs! And there's really nothing to report, either. I did apply to 6 different jobs yesterday. And one was a state job where you have to fill out the forms manually, in great detail. What a pain. Naturally, I will hear nothing back. Oh, not true, one recruiter did respond with surprise that I am still looking. Well it surprises ME as well.

One good thing about not working is that I have a lot more time to cook and try new recipes. Last night I made a version of chicken and dumplings, somewhat based on a recipe I found online, but of course I digressed greatly. It came out Mexican.

The BEST discovery was that if you cut flour tortillas into strips and cook them in a stew, they become practically indistinguishable from the dumplings my mom used to make out of rolled-out biscuit dough. They were great! What I did was cook up some chicken tenders I found in the freezer, and some leftover turkey. At the same time I cooked some onion and celery. Once the chicken was cooked a bit, I shredded it up with a spatula and combined the two things into one pan. I then added 2 cups of chicken broth and (this will either sound yummy or awful) a can of cream of mushroom soup AND a can of cream of poblano pepper soup. That is what made it Mexican. I also added a can of plain corn (I would have used frozen but didn't have any). I found a hot pepper Lee had grown in the freezer and added it for some zestiness. I just let all that stuff cook, and added some spices. Um. Cilantro and something. And a wee bit of salt and pepper. About 20 minutes before serving, I added the sliced tortillas. Well, it was good! Our visitor, Jody, even asked for the recipe. OK, that was it, Jody.

I also made a recipe for banana bread with cream cheese in it that I found. It was so good that it is already gone. So I will need to make Amish friendship bread from the starter I got last week at choir. I have to look for a recipe for that, too, since the one my friend gave me called for a box of pudding. I know you don't need pudding in the normal recipe for that. I do have one pudding left over from the teeth pulling adventure, though.

Wow, isn't my life EXCITING these days?? Let's just hope our friends at the unemployment office find it in their hearts to pay me something soon. I have no idea what their schedule is. They paid me twice in 5 days then nothing since.


nyjlm said...

oh c'mon Suna, didn't you hear the president- the economy is growing. and don't forget- we might get a check sometime in the future, so we can go out and spend the economy into even more growth!
/sarcasm and anger.

I'm sending you sooo many vibes that you'll hear good news on a job soon!

Saranda said...

Oh my gosh she's right, Suna! We'll get that phat check and run out and buy a flat screen TV to jump-start the economy... um which is fine and growing... I might just have to be unAmerican and pay bills with it though.

I'm sending vibes, candles, and maybe even a hula dance in the moonlight for your job search. They are probably in their secret CEO clubhouse fighting over you. I would!

nyjlm said...

ooh, sign me up for the hula dancing!