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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Job Seeker Report #3: Not a Good Start

Sigh, last night I got an email from the place where I did the big presentation on Friday, stating they would "not be going forward with the interview process." As I suspected, spending most of the time I should have been working on the presentation taking care of the kids' teeth issues was not a good thing. Or who knows, maybe they just didn't like my personality. The thing is, this was one of the GOOD places. On the other hand, it was one of the ones that was not going to pay very well.

I am surprised I didn't get my rejection for the second job I interviewed for that day yet. I expect it later.

Still in the running for good ole ALE as far as I know, and the place with the really nice people from last week. And I have a big series of interviews at the really interesting nonprofit software place I lost out on last spring (yeah, that de-motivates me, but I better ACT motivated). And tomorrow, another presentation. Now I worry I suck at that, but heck, I KNOW I am good at that...and I have read two books and four websites to prepare for this one.

This morning I am reading up on the job I am interviewing for today, and working more on the presentation. Tonight and tomorrow morning, more presentation work. Then after the presentation, nothing. I did apply to a couple of more jobs yesterday. Trying to be all pumped up...but it can be hard!

The kids are back at school, but Lee is still here. He has some horrible illness with a bad fever and a lot of coughing. I am staying away, trying to keep healthy at least until tomorrow afternoon. I feel so bad for him--and worried that neither of us is earning much if he is sick (trying to work from home) and that he has no health insurance. Crap. Not thrilled at Big Business so far this week. Please think of poor sickly Lee. Sick Lee. Ahaha.

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Liz T-G said...

Thinking about all the job hunting stuff makes me queasy. I'm sending you great interview vibes so that all involved know you're a great catch!