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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Music Makes It Good

What? Suna's posting about Tom Petty again? Well, after a day of no job action whatsoever, hurting my back doing laundry, worrying that Lee is still sick, and knitting on a somewhat boring project, nothing can perk a girl up like music.

I am watching a Tom Petty concert on public television, a 30th anniversary event in our mutual hometown (I have waxed nostalgic about Gainesville before, so I will try to tone it down). It's neat that there are still two Heartbreakers from G'ville, too.

I just love nice, clean rock and roll. Not full of glitz and glitter, not noise for its own sake, but pure rock. I have happy ears, and even enjoyed Stevie Nicks' guest appearance. Tee hee, our favorite singing witch.

The other thing that has helped keep the ole spirits up has been that the Daily Show (I mean A Daily Show) and Colbert Report are back. They aren't doing a bad job at all, I think. I like happy news better than the dismal stuff I have been seeing lately every time I look at Way too many parents killing children, gore and maiming. But, I can smile at the fake news shows and revel in the fact that, whoa, the first two primaries didn't totally make the rest of them pointless.

Let's ignore that my 401K equivalent thingie lost money last quarter, and Big Business sure doesn't want to let ME get ahead. There's always tomorrow for dreams to come true. Or to slog through. Take your pick.

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