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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bad News, Good Yarn

Not my peak of perkiness today, as I found out the job I had wanted so badly went to someone else, with a computer science degree and without spending ten years as a nonprofit Internet wrangler between official technical writing jobs. Oh well, it was nice of my friend to think of me in the first place--I just wish I had been good enough! Now I have to try even harder for something else. I have stepped up the networking and stepped down my job standards. That should help!

I did have an interview today, with some very nice people who can't help that their office is like an hour away in rush hour. But, the work with public libraries sounds very interesting. I hope to hear from them again. And it is a SMALL place. I like that. Perhaps (but not guaranteed) less corporate bureaucracy.

As for "good yarn," some lovely sock yarn I had ordered from the Netherlands the day before I lost the ole employment arrived yesterday. It put me in a good mood at least for a while! I got two pairs' worth of lovely bamboo blend sock yarn, one that resembles a lot of the summery cotton yarn you see around, and the other which is mostly off white with flecks of pink and light purple in it--that one I plan to use to make a cable and lace sock from the Knitter's Magazine sock book. It is clamed the bamboo yarn "breathes" well and is good for summer, and since it has been over 100 degrees here for a few days, that sounds good.

I also got a skein of Opal Silk/Wool in an odd combo of blues and purple-ish that I hope knits up better than it looks on the skein--but hey, it has silk in it! And there was a regular Opal wool sock yarn that was on sale and in purple and green, so I got that, too.

Those have now made up for the socks I have finished lately, so the stash has not lowered. At least I have something to do while waiting on that phone!

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