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Friday, June 9, 2006

Knitting Is Good

Knitting is good. It makes me feel creative and productive. The process feels wonderful. Knitting takes my mind off unpleasantness. And knitting with people around does wonders for one's soul. Knitting is good.

My two socks that I knitted on one circular needle came out well, and I have had so much time to knit this week that I got them finished in less than a week. I used Interlacements Tiny Toes, which is a very twisty, airy merino sock weight yarn, in lovely fall tones. Quite soft, even before washing. The pattern on the leg is a knit and purl right triangle pattern, which sort of makes a ribbed effect. I knitted these on size 1 needles, with 60 stitches around, and they are looser than most other socks I make. They came out very comfortable, though, and the only thing I didn't like about this looser gauge is that it let to a couple of holey spots where I picked up on a large slipped stitch in the gusset. I really should stick to a firmer gauge, and will from now on. This was just an experiment (expensive yarn for an experiment!).

Today I finally feel more "normal," though I did not get to sleep until nearly 6 am last night. I got up for an hour and a half and did email and posted my late blog entries, then just lay in bed until I finally dozed off. I applied for a couple of good jobs--networking IS helping--I got some good leads from friends! Now I just hope the phone rings with good news.

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