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Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Whole New World, and a Sock

I'll start with the easy thing first, hey, look at my sock. The two socks didn't come out QUITE identical, but they are close, so I will keep them. They are nice and cool for summer, since the yarn is a cotton blend (OnLine brand). These are interesting colors, huh. We weren't sure how the stripes would affect the lace pattern, but people say that at least "in person" the stripes don't overwhelm the lace. The sock is Hedera, from Knitty--and the designer apparently knows someone I know from the organization I used to work for, so it's a small knitting world.

I also have a close-up of the pattern which I will link here as soon as I upload it. The socks knitted up really quickly, probably because they were worked during the height of my stressed out/anxious period. Now I am working on the new yarn. So far, so good on the silk one--the pattern will be beautiful and it feels great. I am using my new circular double zeroes that are the right length for magic loop socks for the Opal silk pair. My only other needles that size were too short. I must have bought them for a non-sock project.

The title of today's post signifies my entry into the world of unemployment. Everything sure takes a long time. Of course I could not apply online, because my employer was in another state. Then, when I finally got someone on the phone (a perfectly helpful person), there was a snag. Like, they hadn't reported my income. Sigh. So who knows what I will get or when. The good news is that they base your pay on last year. Which is nice, because that was when I was making a goodly salary (and happy, and enjoying the project I was working on, and feeling valued and productive!). There's always SOME complication.

And then I had that interview today. Wow, I am just out of the whole "corporate" thing for too long. I felt like a piece of cattle. Let's just say it was a bit strange (I had to take a writing test--in longhand), but I handled it, and if I don't get the nicer job I applied for last week, I will just bite the bullet and take a 9-month contract job. At least it will put off the poor house for a while and let me try to find something more supervisory and less writing. And I might meet nice people, make contacts, find something good. I am thinking positive! At least I have had interviews! Woo!

Mentally, I actually do feel a bit better. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. It helps to not think of the past stuff at all, other than being somewhat amused at some turns of events, and to focus on how I can do good in the future. (If I type it, it will come true, hee hee.)


lisa said...
i have been trying to send positive thoughts your way....sounds like things are getting better:)miss you...Lisa
Sunday, June 18, 2006 3:34:00 PM

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