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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Yarn Content Experiment

Weekends get LONG when you can't do anything that costs money. At least I got to go listen to the Dear Partner play at one of my favorite spots, BB Rover's (where you can get Ace Pear Cider and listen to folk music on Saturdays) with some friends. And I had a nice lunch with a dear friend on Friday, too--those things are a real boost.

Also on Saturday, in between bouts of acting as knitting therapist to numerous sweet older ladies (and teaching a class--fun!), another friend came over to look at all my tarot decks. It is fun to revisit them, though I sure wish I could remember where I got the weird one whose images all appear to be some kind of metallic sculptures. And I still get a kick out of the Housewives' Tarot. Check that one out if you like novelty decks that are WELL conceived and executed.

Mostly I worked on my newest socks in bamboo blend yarn. Here is it's description (and where I got it)

I finished the first sock, and the tipsy knitter lace/cable pattern is quite a hoot. The ball of yarn talked about how bamboo breathes and wicks moisture, so I am trying an experiment and wearing the bamboo sock on one foot and a wool sock on the other foot. Both with the same Birkies. Sure enough, the bamboo foot feels cooler, yet not cold, in the air conditioned office of Suna environment. I feel a bit of sweat in the toe area (not a lace section), so next I will have to slap on a lace wool sock to make sure the issue is not the holey nature of a lace sock.

Anyway, the bamboo sure feels good. I look forward to sharing a picture when both socks are done!

Thanks to Lisa for reading and commenting. I love it when you all say something back to me.

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