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Friday, June 23, 2006

As Roseanne RosannaDanna said...'s always somethin'!

I'd been a bit concerned when I didn't get a call from the hiring fellow at the "staffing" company yesterday, telling me where to report to work today. So, when I still had not heard by noon today, I gave him a call.

SHEESH. He asked me if it would be horrible for me to wait until July 10 to start work, as the manager at the "real" company (this company is TOO big to hire its own people--which is why I never have met the coworkers or bosses or even seen where I will work) was going to be on vacation. Great, I have to make another decision.

I think it just irritated me, because I was all psyched up to start the new thing, get on with it, find out about life on the cubicle farm and all that, then, nope, not today! In many ways, I would love the time off (if only I could GO somewhere or DO something--but I will have to save every penny to stretch my severance pay and whatever eventually comes in via unemployment). It would also give me more time to do interviews, if any more come through, and I could teach the kids' knitting classes next week or week after, whenever they are.

That's not even my biggest concern. It's my least favorite day of the year tomorrow, the day the boys have to go to spend a month with their dad. I hate that period so much. I don't like to be away from them, even though I know it is good for them to spend time with their other parent. I was an attachment parenting person when they were younger--that's why I tried to work from home for so long, etc. I know the boys will enjoy spending time with my dad--they get to go to Williamsburg. And I know they will get to eat well in the Home of the Super Athletes (my ex's and his wife's house), and get to spend time in their lovely second home in the mountains. Sigh, all the things I can't do. But they love us anyway!!

OK, next up is a book review.

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