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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Networking Is Your Pal

They always say to network like crazy when you are looking for work. I had been holding back on some of it, as I had honestly thought/hoped that really good job would come through, while at the same time having a deep feeling that someone with more recent qualifications would turn up and I'd be toast: BINGO.

But, anyway, that's in the past, so I said, "let's get networking," and sent a rather pitiful thing out to women at the church I used to go to (and may again, friends). I mentioned my need to network and my idea of doing "learn to knit" parties. Very soon after that, a woman not only sent me lots of networking ideas, but also sent an email out to 40 of her closest friends to see if any of them were interested in a knitting party. She already has five people interested!

So, that worked.

Then, after curling up in a fetal position for a half hour (mandatory moping period) I got up and figured I should go to the tarot class my friend is teaching, so I can support her. I dragged myself through 100+ degree heat, only to discover that the place we met last week was filled with PFLAG members (parents and friends of lesbians and gays, or something like that--an organization dear to my heart given my personal collection of siblings and friends). I was feeling rather "what the hell," so I said, "Hello there PFLAG! I'm Sue Ann, I have gay siblings, and I am looking for work as a technical writer!" Or something equally forward. Two guys looked at me, sorta bug-eyed. The very tall one came up to me and introduced himself, and then began frantically scribbling down his email address. It appears that he and his partner had just been discussing his strong need for a technical writer on the way to the meeting. That explains the bug-eyed looks. This very nice fellow said please send a resume tonight, if possible, and I said I sure would! The other guy whispered, "He's my partner and he is wonderful to work with," which was so sweet! Anyway, I got such a nice vibe from these folks that I have swallowed my dread about working for a certain large Austin-based corporation and will be interviewing and peeing in a cup there tomorrow. I had a call from a human resources person before 9 am. That dude was SERIOUS.

As you can guess, I feel a bit better after all that, and do feel very happy about the power of networking. I thank everyone who has given me ideas and support (my friend Elis. got someone to make m a podcast answering some of my questions about web programming!!)--I have lots of things to try out if this particular opportunity )or either of the other two positions I am up for) does not pan out. It feels good to have a plan.

By the way, all this more positive stuff has occurred since my misplaced anti-negativity amulet my pal Katherine made me reappeared suddenly by leaping out of my closet and into my hand. I have NO idea where it was, as none of the clothing I was reaching for had pockets. Neener-neener (insert Twilight Zone music)

And I think I will take half my last day at work as a sick day and go to the yarn shop and finish my second lacy sock, so I can start the bamboo one this evening!


Anonymous said...
Wonderful news!!!!!Keeping you in my thoughts tomorrow as you interview for what sounds like an awesome opertunity. And Peeing in a cup once in awhile for a company is not so bad. You get used to it after awhile. Ask me some day where I worked prior to children. Some think it is why a Glow. hehehe

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 11:28:00 PM

PS, 3/23/07, last day of job mentioned above: I have no idea who neslod is

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