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Monday, June 12, 2006

Made It through Another Weekend

Other than one sleepless night, the weekend wasn't so bad. I really enjoyed knitting on my current sock, which I know you'll enjoy, too. It's Hedera, from the current Knitty, but everyone agrees it looks better in the Online Summer Cotton stripe (watermelon-y shades) than it did in the kinky picture with the weird sandals. I am almost done with the leg on sock #2, so it will be viewable soon.

The picture above shows the partner and his band from Saturday night. He's the one drumming. Usually he plays lead guitar, but the drummer was unavailable. I can't believe he can sing loud rock songs AND drum at the same time, but he sang lead on most of the songs! He was a drummer before he took up guitar, and it was fun to listen. The band sounded great, too. For a bunch of dudes who are no longer in the bloom of youth, they really rock. The bad thing about taking photos at the scenic Round Rock Rhinos & Jocks sports bar is that they have a stop-sign shaped sign above the stage that reflects very brightly if you take a photo with flash. Above, the Dear Partner covered it up.

Had a good dinner with my sister last night. Everyone got along well. I made a roast and she brought vegetables, which we roasted as well. The younger son was a lot of help in the cooking--he wants to learn more, so we let him learn some stuff. It sure was heartwarming to see my two boys chowing down and asking for SECONDS on roasted beets. Well, you have to taste it to believe it. They are sweet and delicious.

Eh, too worried about ominous rumblings I hear from my almost-former work, so I'll just go back to sitting and waiting for the phone to ring. It's nice when it rings and it is a friend!!


Elisabeth said...
How long, at how high a temp, do you roast the veggies? I got some good-lookin' beets at the farmers' market last weekend, and, other than pickling them, don't know what to do with them.They are weird heirloom beets, and look like peppermints in cross-section: concentric circles of white and deep violet.(I hear those same ominous rumblings, but I'm going to pretend that they're my hungry tummy, instead of the foundations of our years of work crumbling into the ruins of the basement)
Tuesday, June 13, 2006 12:46:00 PM

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