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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Can't even pee in a cup!

My new employer-as-far-as-I-can-tell is a huge corporation, so to get a job you have to do many, many repetitive and weird things. Like spend an hour reading scary admonitions "don't bring in any guns!" "don't tell anyone any secrets," "don't use your computer for personal stuff!" OK, so I won't do that. Good thing I have my address memorized, because I had to write it like 30 times today during the "paperwork" session I did.

After that, I had 24 hours to go to another office (in a rather scary part of town) for drug testing and background check. Why, oh why, did I use the restroom before leaving the main corporate office place???

So, when I got to the background check place, where I joined a throng of jean-and-t-shirt-clad applicants for I guess manufacturing jobs or something, I didn't have to go. And I tried, but could not "produce." Am I not cut out for corporate success or what?? (I am laughing as I type this.) So I got to drink like 5 cups of water and read a horrible Cosmo magazine and chat with the pee collection lady until I was sure I DID have some product in there. And I did, and I passed the test! (Not sure how I could have failed, but it is always nice to pass something!)

You do some funny things getting ready for a career switch. I must have spent 45 minutes in the closet today figuring out what business casual attire I own (mostly purchased for my infrequent trips to the former main work office in Illinois). I am very low on pants that look reasonable, and what I do have is mostly black. Better get some navy and tan. I did find a white cropped pant I already owned, but it is thin. I saw a lot of ladies in white capris, so maybe I need that. I do have a bunch of skirts (ick) and a few dresses (ugh). So, I don't have to go out and buy stuff. And lots of shoes. I always have lots of shoes, because I am a Pisces.

Now I can knit nice work-ish tops, too. See, I fit knitting into today's post. I also got in the mail the new yarn for that shawl I am making for my friend. It is "greener" than it looked on the computer, but fascinating. Genuine Shetland wool from the Shetland islands. That shawl called for Shetland jumper weight, and by golly I got the real thing! It is not soft, more like "sturdy," but it's genuine!!

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