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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Longest Day

This feels like the longest day of my life, but I am proud that I got through it and actually got some productive things done!

Yesterday was a really rough one--the day the kids leave is always hard on me, and I was just touchy all day, like I was feeling something was amiss. I did make a delicious dinner, but foolishly came down to check the computer before heading to bed, to find some upsetting email. Yow, what a mistake. Having to deal with the Dear Partner's attempts at being a good listener (many bonus points for trying, but I just wanted to wallow for a while, not explain my every insecurity in detail) got me all agitated, so of course I could not get to sleep until after 1 am, and I had to get up at 4:15 to drive the young uns to the airport. So, I figure my long day started last night!

I actually was worried I'd fall asleep on the drive to the airport, but eventually got the older boy talking and that helped. It did NOT help that the plane for their nonstop flight had "mechanical difficulties" so they had to get on another set of flights that took 6 hours longer than the original schedule. And because they had to change planes, they had to fly as unaccompanied minors, meaning I had to sit there until the plane took off. 2.5 hours in the airport when you aren't even traveling! At least I ran into a friend who works there, and she'd had to get up even earlier than I did, so I felt better. And it was nice to see her.

I barely had time to run home before having to go to the yarn shop to teach two classes. Both were a lot of fun, and I was happy that I didn't get all zonked out or anything. One lady was SO proud she had learned to make lace. It felt so good to teach her. And it was great fun to teach crochet! That all went well, plus a KIND friend agreed to help someone who needed some individual attention, and that lead to a lot of smiles and learning.

I had to run from knitting land to minister land, where I taught ye olde former minister to use Dreamweaver and edit his RSS feeds. I think this software will be SO much easier for him--among his many strengths does NOT appear to be "technology"-- so I was really pleased to see him finding this easier than previous set-ups. If only we hadn't wiped out his site accidentally, it would have been a great success (luckily, I had saved the files at home, LOL).

So, after all THAT I am one tired puppy, and I am driving home, feeling satisfied that I got a lot done, but beat. I get in the car, and the most beautiful music I ever heard begins to play. And then there was the voice of an angel, singing an absolutely glorious, touching, moving song about not wanting "to die until I'm too old to die young." Oh, who is that, I wonder? Ha ha, it was A Prairie Home Companion and that voice was none other than my favorite female singer of all time, Linda Ronstadt. Duh. Now I know a CD to run out and get! The sun came out after all the rain, and everything was clear and clean. It was a nice drive home.

The first thing I did when I got home was draw my tarot card, which, of course, goes in the other journal, but I just thought it was TOO funny, I drew the 4 of swords, which is Death (see song lyric), and it has this lady lying asleep on it. Yes, cards, I am sleepy. And I do need a respite from turmoil. Once again, I am a practitioner of the Tarot of the Obvious.


sthorne said...
Awww, I remember those parental transistion days of my MIL, always an introspective day. Take good care of yourself.Sandy
Sunday, June 25, 2006 5:59:00 PM

Jody said...
awwww, I get to be a kind friend. :)
Monday, June 26, 2006 10:48:00 AM

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