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Monday, March 6, 2006

Birthday Lessons

Hello, I have been having a heck of a time starting this post (things I clicked on kept loading into the "picture upload" window and canceling it--duh), but here I am another year older and a couple of decades wiser, at least in my perceptions. I am 48 years old today, and glad for the chance to perhaps stick around for another year. I was thinking about birthday lessons I have learned, and thought I'd share, along with sharing a close-up of the pattern from the vest I am wearing in the scowling photo from a couple of entries ago (I have a happier photo to share later).

One lesson for me is that, if you want to have a good time, you are responsible for making that happen. I realized that if I sat around and stewed and moped, and never mentioned birthdays to the family, I would be guaranteed a dismal couple of days of additional feeling sorry for myself, as if I have not done enough of that lately!! So, on the spur of the moment, I told my friend M. that she could invite people to her house last night for a potluck. I am so glad I did. I was really missing my friends from my former church community, and it was so nice to get together with some of them and just talk--no pressure of "doing" some event--just laughing and talking. And we talked about doing more things in the future, and made some plans for other get-togethers. I think everyone was happy for a chance to see each other socially, too. More than one person commented on how you get all busy and then put off nurturing your friendships for far too long. And that is so true! Since I am on my church "sabbatical," it is up to ME to create opportunities to see my friends!

And I did, too. Last week I had three lunches with people from the former church, which were great networking and fun, too. It's always nice to lunch with G., because we give each other so many insights into our issues and flaws--it's like free counseling. And I am back to helping one of the ministers with his website, and that is nice. He will be doing "podcasting" soon (after YEARS of being ahead of his time and sharing MP3s of his radio show!!). I'll link to that when it is more ready to share. I plan to schedule more lunches and opportunities to "hang out" with friends soon. Yes, really, I will.

Another lesson I have learned is that there still ARE kind and generous people out there. When I look only at the negative aspects of my work or former church community, I tend to forget that, when really it IS a balance. Creepy people are balanced out by kind, generous and loving people. The kindness of the yarn shop staff, customers and owners is a great example. They celebrated my birthday so sweetly yesterday, with a hilarious portrait of me (which I MUST scan, as it was accurate down to my gray hair in the front of my head), my favorite lemon cake from the HEB grocery (if you live in Texas you really should try their lemon cake), and wonderful gifts, including things I had expected to pay for. I got yarn, beautiful Noro Silver Thaw (color 5 on the page linked) that I had only JUST been wishing I could see or touch a sample of--the woman who picked it is truly the "Yarn Whisperer," as they call her. Plus a really snazzy electronic row counter that I had intended to pay for, and a gift certificate. I did not let that certificate burn a hole in my yarn bag--I knew exactly what I wanted to make and what yarn I wanted, as it was a project I had reluctantly decided was not in my future due to the pay cut. I will be making this silky sweater in red. The yarn is incredibly soft but also shows stitch details beautifully. So, if I ever stop making store samples, that one will be next, for spring.* Anyway, the kindness of these women, whom I have only known a year or so, really touched me.

I am getting e-cards and emails from random folks, got a couple of really kind cards (one hilarious one from a friend in North Carolina that said: "This is not the exact location at which I stand, neither is it the place I wish to be. How fortunate, then, that I'm elsewhere" -- must go in my .sig) and my dad called last night, so I am feeling very loved--now to hold on to that feeling. I wish I could do a better job on people's birthdays, I need to put them all in my outlook calendar so they will also be in Plammy the Pam Pilot, my best electronic pal.

Tomorrow I will provide a link to a special CD project, and then I hope to share yet another dog sweater best worn by a toy dog...stay tuned, and thanks for all the wishes!!

*Of course, it IS spring here, and my front yard looks prettier than usual, with the redbud tree and the prostate rosemary both blooming, in pink and blue. Too bad the recent drought means it won't be a good year for bluebonnets or other wildflowers.

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