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Thursday, March 9, 2006

The News Is Not Good

Poor Gwynnie. It was not a fun trip to the vet, though she traveled well in her crate and did not spew hair all over my new-ish car. But, she walked into a post and hurt her eye a bit, and it was so sad to see her not knowing there were steps to go up to the building. The vet looked at G's eyes and said the retinas looked "bad," like they had detached. Said it is really weird that BOTH were detached. They checked for glaucoma and high blood pressure, likely causes, but she doesn't have those. And we are pretty sure she has not been hit on the head hard enough to damage her eyes--there is no evidence of it, anyway. She's never away from us except in the back yard!

Anyway, it is pretty sad. We are taking her to the fancy doggie eye doctor on Monday, the soonest we could get her in. In the meantime, I talk to her and guide her to places, but she seems to be getting around better and better by smell and sound. Poor dear.

To cheer you (and me) up, here is a picture of our other dog, Scrunchy, from last night, when he fell asleep with his head on a stuffed pig. He is somewhat porcine, himself, so we enjoyed this sight a lot. At the time, Gwynnie was hiding under my bed, after somehow making her way up the stairs. We carried her back down.

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