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Monday, March 27, 2006

Latest Dog Drama

Skip if you don't want to read long dog medical info. Well, I took Gwynnie to the veterinary ophthalmologist again today. Apparently her lab work had disappeared or something, so that was a pain. But, the eye doctor lady was really nice and patient. She doesn't think the vision will return, and Gwynnie's eyes are more swollen than they were before. She also has an elevated temperature and swollen lymph glands--no worse than before, but no better after two weeks on antibiotics (ruling out tick-borne infections). She is slightly dehydrated too (she IS drinking--is able to find the water dish).

So, numerous other tests are being run, to see if it comes from eating cat poop, or is fungal, or lymphoma. Whee. $400 out the door on that. I also have to get a chest X-ray done later in the week. I sure hope one of the tests comes up with something, because I don't know if I can do a $500 cat scan, which would be next. Once we find out what the issue is, we "get" to decide what to do about her eyes. The glaucoma medication is really expensive, so they recommend removing the eyes rather than putting them on that for 5 more years of life at a hundred dollars a month. Of course, if she has cancer and will die soon, we would do the meds so she would not be in pain for her last few months. Isn't this a cheery post?

I am feeling uncomfortable posting about myself here, so will be starting a new blog soon. I'll just hate to lost the archives! I'll let you know when that happens, so anyone who wants to read stuff from me, and won't broadcast it to the entire earth, can have the URL.

Note from May 3, I changed my mind and have decided to keep the blog here. If it bothers you, let me know directly rather than reporting it to others, thanks!

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