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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Funky, Fun, Friends

It's hard to know where to start. So, here is my peace fleece sock on 000 needles that took me forever, because I made so many things while working on it. I am certainly glad to have this pair done and ready to wear. I have actually already finished one of a pair of Cascade Fixation "Pretty Comfy Socks" with a short-row heel--unfortunately I figured out how to make the heel look right AFTER that one is done, so the second one will look better. Learning experience. And now I can help DianeS with hers if she ever shows up to get the help (hee hee, just kidding you, Diane).

I woke up this morning, realized I go back to work again tomorrow, and immediately went into a huge "funk." I am finding it SO hard to let go of projects I once worked on, and to sit on the sidelines while the technology and system I worked so hard to set up gets all muddled up by a group I am not a part of...I am all for new blood, new ideas and new technology, but it sure would integrate more smoothly if someone who knew the current system were also involved. Oh well, I seem to have done something that has made me a persona non grata, so I will keep working on the life lesson of "letting go," and try to get rid of this knot in my stomach by concentrating on the stuff I CAN still participate in. And will contact those head hunters I learned about tomorrow!! I just have to make myself stop liking my job, but it's a hard habit to break. And when I stop thinking about work, I start thinking about what furniture and stuff I will have to get rid of when I am forced to move from this house to something much smaller due to financial constraints. Cheery, eh?

In less whiny and feeling-sorry-for-yourself news, I had two really busy days on Friday and Saturday. I really enjoyed teaching knitting all week, and getting the yarn store ready for its big one-year anniversary. Then, on St. Patrick's Day, the store closed early, and I went to the frightfully busy downtown Austin for a visit to Mother Eagan's Irish Pub, where a celtic celebration was going on. I went with a yarn shop friend and her daughter, and we couldn't have had a more pleasant time. It was also nice to get to know them better--making new friends is rare for me, so I really appreciate it. There was a very talented fellow who played Irish accordion, which I don't think I have heard live since being actually IN Ireland--seem to remember it in a pub near Galway somewhere. When he played the airs, I practically cried. Plus we got to see pipers and drummers, some cloggers who tried to be celtic (knew one of those from former church), and the highlight, of course, was the yarn shop owner doing Irish dance. They have a teenage boy in their troupe who is nationally ranked, and it looked like he could jump into the sky. Pretty impressive for a local show! After enjoying delicious beer and watching our fill of people in funny green outfits, we went to the famous Katz's deli, and saw the actual Katz. I signed the Kinky Friedman for Governor petition, just because I think diversity is GOOD.

I truly enjoyed working at the yarn shop anniversary event yesterday, too.

The best news of all is that my children made it back from their paternal visit, all in one piece. I just can't get used to being away from them. But, I'm glad they had a good visit, and am ready to get back into the school/band/lacrosse grind!

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