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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

I promised some folks I'd report on my yesterday afternoon activity, so here we go. I have included a sentimental photo of what my office at work used to look like, in honor of today's topic.

I had my first "job interview" in nearly 20 years yesterday. I got tired of sending out resumes and cover letters, which doesn't seem to work too well, and called a head hunter type company recommended by a friend. They called me in and I talked to a lovely woman who had only been there three days--the dude I had originally talked to was having an allergy attack (oak pollen turning the world yellow here). This lady was his new boss, and quite nice, so I had a fairly good time talking to her, but I was uncharacteristically nervous. Usually I am just NOT bothered by these things and have a nice little chat.

But, it's amazing what a few years of negativity can do for one's self confidence and self esteem. I got some positive energy from some nice email friends, though, which helped remind me of my strengths, and we ended up having some good discussions about enjoying one's work, finding a place that fit well, and my favorite, not having a long commute, LOL. In other words, this woman was pretty realistic, and it sounds like they won't just try to plop me anywhere.

When I was driving home, I got all sorts of stomach cramps and nervous crap, but I did fine in the meeting. I kept thinking, wow, wish I could work in a building with an elevator and nice shiny walls. I realize that excitement would die off quickly. I do like telecommuting. Heck, I like my current job, a LOT, and am sort of resentful at being forced out! But, that's neither here nor there, what must be done must be done to pay the bills and all that.

In any case, friends, I did OK and have a wee bit of hope for finding something to do that won't totally sacrifice my principles and turn me into a corporate clone, and hope is rare these days around here. I am envisioning me, surrounded by nice, interesting people, working on projects that are useful to the world, and making enough money to have savings. And with reasonable health insurance. Heck, in the Bush-led USA that is really a dream. My realistic image is me in a single-wide with all my books in a metal storage bin. But as long as I have the kids and yarn, I will be OK. And I do have enough sock yarn to get through a long income drought.

In good news, the lacrosse JV team won against the scary private school team with many large, tall players on it. I missed half the game, so I am sure the coach is not pleased with me not being there to keep score, but I had to earn money knitting.


cherrymcl said...
Suna, I am proud of you! You went out and did something that was very difficult for you at this particular time! I am supremely confident that something perfect will come up for you. And if not ... there is room for a single-wide at my new house :)!
Thursday, March 23, 2006 12:37:00 PM

Suna said...
Oh boy, we really COULD start that commune of like-minded folks!
Thursday, March 23, 2006 1:08:00 PM

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