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Monday, March 6, 2006


Lake Affect, by Jeffrye Glenn Tveraas. The cover, which you see there, is a lake in the fog, so you can hardly tell where the lake ends and sky begins. The music is what they call "chill out" or "ambient" music. It sounds like what I used to call "New Age," and reminds me of my beloved old Enya CDs, just no tracks have words.
It is great to listen to while you work, and is also wonderful for helping you relax, meditate or get to sleep. I would think it would be an ideal CD to play in massage therapy places or for doulas and birth attendants to use with their clients. If you know of anyone who might find the CD useful in their work, please share the link to the CD!
This is Jeff's first new CD in a long time, and he is proud of how well it came out. The sound quality is superb if you have a fancy sound system to listen to it on! We hope he will soon also have a new CD in his more usual singer-songwriter/'>singer-songwriter vein, but we'll be happy to sell you one of those. I'll have them in the shopping cart soon, but if you want a singing CD, just write that in the comment box on the order form and he will get back to you on it.
Thank you for reading my commercial!!

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