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Friday, March 10, 2006

Not about My Dog, but with a Dog Photo

I had promised a photo of this "summer" dog sweater, so here it is, on a rather frightened looking toy greyhound, the kind of dog who, I guess, in Michigan or somewhere cool, MIGHT want a summer dog sweater. I can't tell you what yarn this is made from, since the yarn store owner kept the labels for inventory purposes. It's a store sample, and that's good, because I don't think either of my dogs would wear it, even though it's cute enough, I guess! It was fun taking a sweater from a book and turning it into something different altogether. The original was a very nice fair isle pattern (which I still would like to make sometime). I crocheted the legs, rather than knitting them, since ribbing in the fuzzy yarn really was more trouble than it was worth.

What I am working on right now is rather humbling, as I have managed to mess up a predominantly stockinet stitch sweater twice. First, I could blame the instructions for not being clear about how they wanted stitches slipped. I was glad there was a sample sweater at the yarn shop so I could look at how the cute little edge pattern was supposed to look, because it is WEIRD (this is the sweater I linked to a few days ago, if you want to see it, Cindy from Berocco). Then, I made it to the simple, plain stockinet section, which should be pretty boring, and I managed to mess up slipping the first stitch of the row (forgot I was slipping the LAST stitch and working the FIRST stitch in the row) and made an ugly hole, which I didn't see until I had knitted 6 rows. Sigh. That is what I get for trying to knit in the dark while watching a movie. Well, some day I will finish this thing.

Dealing with some work stress--every day wondering what new announcement will come. Today's announcement was particularly icky, as I will be losing one of my favorite coworkers soon. And there is more to come on Monday, oh boy! So, think of me on that. At least there is a coffeehouse concert tonight, so I will see some of my friends (you can read about the concerts at ). And a wonderful friend who does podcasting will be in town for the South by Southwest event that is here this week. But, this is the last weekend before spring break, and I am a bit concerned that the kids will have trouble flying--it will be their first time flying without unaccompanied minor status--Kynan is 15 now and considered an "adult" by the airlines. Yow.

I am taking off from work next week, which will be a nice stress relief, I hope. Between the dog and the latest work thing, I am having anxiety symptoms (love those chest pains).


DianeS said...
Any news about Gwynnie?
Friday, March 10, 2006 6:34:00 PM

Suna said...
We take Gwynnie to the doggie eye doctor on Monday (it's on Metric somewhere). We have not received word back on her blood tests yet, though the vet promised to let us know. She seems to do better sometimes and worse others, like it is reattaching and detaching. That has to be even MORE confusing.

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