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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blow This Stress Away

My hope is that this long line of at least 17 tubas and sousaphones will help me blow away all the little stresses that have just not been stopping for over a week now. (The picture depicts both the high school tubaboys and the two middle schools that feed our school as well, who joined our kids at last Friday's game.)

By the time I got home from work, after witnessing an accident right in front of me and dealing with horrible stopping and going prior to that, I was shaking and needed to sit. I gathered up some things to take pictures of, then Lee came up and said he saw the back gate wide open, and the two swift dogs were gone. I saw Rose down the block, so he got her. But Scrunchy must have taken off like a bullet. So, instead of resting, we dog searched. He was thinking someone opened our gate, because the pot that blocks it was neatly moved, not pushed over. So we were all worried he'd been stolen (as if he is a valuable pedigreed dog, which you'd know he wasn't if you knew what a pug is supposed to look like).

After both of us driving around for a half hour, I came in and found a phone message saying someone had gotten him, on the street around the corner from us (the farthest one). He had ran a LONG way. So I rushed to my choir rehearsal, only to get stuck behind another wreck.

Thank goodness singing is calming. I just concentrated on the music and let the other stuff slide away. Whew. I am so glad I have these outlets!

Tonight no rehearsal or other scheduled event (the only night this week). I hope we can watch a movie and relax. I need to.

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nyjlm said...

I thought about this photo this am as I walked around the lake- I exhaled hard for both of us : )

Sorry about your drive home (one reason I do enjoy small town living!) and the dog escapades. Oh boy! My dd would LOVE a dog, but I know that is not what I need right now. No siree, that would be a ticket to looneyville!