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Monday, October 8, 2007

Think about This

Blogging without obligation I was just reading about this on a guy's blog (a guy who posted a GREAT sock knitting pattern, too), and wanted to share the philosophy of some OTHER guy, who came up with the idea of Blogging without Obligation. This applies especially to you, my seldom-blogging friends. Out with the guilt! Post when you want to! And only when you want to!

Here is my favorite quote from the original BWO page answering why blog without obligation:
Because they are probably not going to inscribe your stat, link and comment
numbers on your tombstone.
Words I need to live by when I am fretting over declining numbers on my knitting blog, like a person with no real life. :-)

Back to your blog, WoW, Ravelry, email, work or whatever is filling your time...


Sam said...

This is GREAT! I take a deep breath in through my nose and out through my mouth and release. Funny. I feel that stress often. I want people to keep coming back to read so I worry when I haven't posted for a while.

I'm Michelle! said...

How ironic! Emily and I were having a conversation about this just today. We were talking about her My Space account and how she only had 6 friends. But she knows all 6 of her friends. We were talking about how some people may have a million friends, but may only really know a handful of them and even fewer IRL. What matters more? Six friends that really know you or a million people that have somehow linked to you in some fake cyber world?