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Friday, October 26, 2007

A Thing I Do

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This afternoon I noticed myself doing this thing, and realized I had done it yesterday as well. I began thinking about it and it occurred to me that, well, this is what I always do.

I was taking a little "wake up" walk around work, and as usual looked out the big windows to see the pretty views of woods and hills around the building. As I often do, I saw a large black vulture looking at me from the windowsill. I said (aloud), "Hey, Big Vulture!" and kept walking. The next window featured two hefty crows looking in at me. I also said (aloud), "Hi there, Big Crows." Yes, I greet birds.

It's not just birds. On my way out to the car yesterday, a rather large lizard of some sort scampered under a planter as I approached. I said, as I recall, "Whoa! Hi there Lizard!" I realize that if no one is around, I will give a hearty greeting to a large spider, a moth, or any small bird. Oh yes, and I asked a waddling black beetle where it was going one day this week--it looked so purposeful.

I guess it is my week to speak to black creatures. Samhain's coming and all that. I think I have always spoken to animals, given them warnings, told them they are lookin' good or whatever. Oh well, I guess that's harmless.

The black vultures are such interesting birds! They love to spread their wings out in the sun, as in the photo, and they appear very curious and friendly. They are always hanging out on the sills and walls near the elevators at work. I like their looks better than the more common turkey vultures, I guess because their heads match their feathers and they look less naked. Of course, the caracara ones down where Lee's dad lives are the prettiest vultures I have seen. Face it, I just like birds. Off to have a good weekend. You have one, too.

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Robin said...

Suna, dear friend,
This just cracked me up! You are, I believe, the only friend I have who finds beauty in vultures, and I have a LOT of nature-loving friends!