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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sniff, It's True

It's true, they grow up. I know that. I know that at some point in the teen years children become more attached to peers than their families. This is normal.

But I sure miss being a priority for Tuba Boy. I want him to have a nice normal life, and he has great friends of whom I pretty much approve. But it hurts to see him separating. Totally my abandonment issue rearing its ugly head, and I know it.

Just acknowledging my feelings. I am really glad he is happy and well adjusted and doing well in school. I was so touched that he got a homecoming mum from a girl, and that he made one for two of his friends, too. That is all so normal and sweet.

But every time Beccano comes in and tells us a story, shares his day at school, or just sits down to hang out with us, I am grateful that I still have a kid who wants to do stuff with us. At least I know what to enjoy, while it lasts.

No doubt the next phase in life will be great, just sometimes transitions can be hard.


Saranda said...

I understand those feelings. This year I find myself grieving the loss of kids at home a few years early. That time seems uncomfortably close.

You are right to remember that there will be a next phase, and it will have it's own joys. I forget this, and I often forget that I had happy days before I had children.

nyjlm said...

It's hard to imagine, and yet it comes so quickly.
My relationship with my mom has definitely improved and deepened as I've gotten older. I am sure that you can look forward to that with Tuba Boy.