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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hi Ho

That's the message I have for Lee today: be a happy worker, 'cause off to work you go. Yes, he has an offer in hand, at our favorite workplace, ALE (who have changed their contractor rules to let you come back only 30 days after you are let go or your contract ends--must need workers to replace all the ones they laid off).

First, I am so glad for him to have something to bring in income and fill his days productively (not that he wasn't being productive at home, 'cause he was). It's so easy to get down about yourself when you are out of work and not hearing back from places. He will have a much more positive demeanor in future interviews and phone calls now that he is bringing in money. So hooray hooray. We can relax a bit!

It is a shorter than usual contract, but they seem to think it could extend. My personal hope, because I am not fond of ALE, its CEO or its policies, is that he finds something better before it ends, so he can give them just as much notice that he is leaving as they gave him that he was laid off. None. But that is just me. Who knows, he might love it and find his way back to something permanent there, or longer term at least.

Tuba Boy's first thought was that he can now get a car for him. And it's true. We need to get one. Mine is that we can now make plans for the house, the future, and life. And I can get my hair colored again.

And on a children note, how the heck did we get so lucky? Last night, conversations with each of them were so pleasant, heartwarming and funny that I just had to sit there and smile. And Lee got Beccano a new leather-trimmed jacket on Tuesday, to thank him for all his help with moving his stuff out of the old house. Beccano loves it so much that he put it on to sit around with me before going to bed. It makes you feel good to see a gift truly appreciated. Yes, we are lucky.

Other tidbits:
  • The band parent meeting we are not invited to is tonight. We will be celebrating the job at Mesa Rosa, our neighborhood Mexican restaurant.
  • I am still singing soprano at the church choir. It feels weird, but sort of nice to have a different challenge--rather than reading the music for a harmony part, the challenge is hitting those there high notes. Like a high A. Dudes, I am an ALTO. However, out comes the note! And I am as loud as 5 altos. (So nice to be in the community choir where I am not the loudest or best singer--it is nice to have people to emulate.)
  • This Saturday's band contest is one I like to attend, but I won't get to see my friend Susan who never comments whose blog is invisible very nice for one only created due to peer pressure, due to weird scheduling of our kids' bands. I hope the kids know their parts 100% by then.
  • Knitting is going so well! Fun!
  • Work is fine. Hoping lots more to do starting next week. Woot.
(The site I got the illustration from has some pretty funny posters and such that you can download for your cubicle walls.)


Saranda said...

I love having you sing soprano!!!! Yay for Lee! Yay for Suna not worrying about Lee for a little while!

:P I commented.

Suna said...

I love singing next to someone who is on pitch. You rock for commenting. Woo!

nyjlm said...

yay for Lee!
I love the story about Beccano and the jacket. Lee reminds me of my mom's husband in some ways. He never had kids, but he has always had a special relationship with my children.

Thanks for your comment yesterday! I'm going to respond over there in comments.

Saranda said...

*sigh* Fine... Check my blog again, and pay special attention to the description.