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Monday, October 29, 2007

Love Puppies

Love Puppy
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Rose was very affectionate all weekend, and kept putting her head in our laps or her paws up on the couch so she could impress upon us how much she would like to be petted, now, please. She's so soft it's hard to resist, too. It's a good thing she has such a sweet disposition. It makes up for having to clean up whatever she dragged into the living room to chew on every day.

Scrunchy was also feeling extra cuddly yesterday, which was fine until he begain exhibiting the symptoms his new food has been causing. Wow, puts a lot of truth into the phrase "little stinker."

Lee and I were love puppies this weekend, too. Neither of us was feeling up to being around people, so we spent Sunday mostly with ourselves and Beccano. (Tuba Boy did come home, but stayed with Debate Boy or in seclusion for most of the day.)

We did go out for lunch and a wee bit of shopping Sunday. We got Beccano the new Guitar Hero and a Ninja book (by a "qualified" author, he informed us). Lee and I also got things that reflected our interests (knitting, Stephen Colbert and woodworking).

Then we dropped by the scenic Jared Galleria of Jewelery place (not somewhere I'd ever think of going) and ended up getting a nice wedding set for me. I was touched at how not bored both Lee and Beccano were at the whole thing. We had fun looking at occlusions in diamonds and gasping at how much a real diamond the size of my CZ would cost. And it was fun to pick a setting (as usual, I ended up with the first one I picked, but we went through many in between). We got a pretty darned good .84 carat princess cut stone that will be mounted in a "kite" setting (more like a diamond shape) in good old yellow gold, which I prefer (not trendy: timeless). I am somewhat aghast that anyone would ever spend that much money on me, but touched at how much Lee wants to physically demonstrate that he is not going to abandon me (if he did, he would have to take my expensive finger with him!). What a love puppy he is, and how lucky I am to have finally be with someone so kind and generous.

So I am rather excited to go pick up my jewels this afternoon. I will have to wave my hand at everyone I see at choir rehearsal, like a giddy young girl. This is all good. No wonder I drew "Wheel of Fortune" over the weekend--I really WAS lucky! Am lucky. I live with three fine men, one of whom is sticking with me, no matter what.


nyjlm said...

awww, that's sweet. And how fun that B was with you guys. Sounds like a great day.

Rhonda said...

Enjoy every moment of it Suna. : )
You deserve to have happiness.