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Monday, October 1, 2007

Grateful for...

Skylight Says Hello
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I thought a while this morning about what I was grateful for, because it was a pretty rough weekend.

I am always grateful for my little bird, Skylight, who doesn't get her cage cleaned out enough, but truly seems to appreciate the things I give her to play with, and any conversation Lee and I give her. Seeing her handing upside down or attacking her piece of rope cheers me up a lot.

The other thing I am grateful for is the changing seasons. This time of year is very nice, because I get to see beautiful sunrises as I go to work. It will start to get dark, then lighten up again when Daylight Savings Time goes away, so a good part of the year I get to enjoy the subtle beauty of the sky in the morning and the big, red ball of the sun coming up. Last year it really made for a lovely time as I drove toward ALE!

I'm not feeling too well--yesterday both Lee and I didn't feel good--all my joints ached very badly, and I kept falling asleep. He did, too. I think Friday and Saturday, which were filled with riding buses and doing band parent things, when added to the work of the Saturday knitting class... they just did me in.

Worrying about the job thing also doesn't help. And worrying about the clogged sink in the bathroom, which I have to get a plumber in for, doesn't help. (This is when I wish Dad were nearby--he'd open the drain under the sink, get rid of the water, then run a snake down the pipes. We don't have anyone here who is able to do that, me included.) And, ugh, the gold paint we got for the living room and giant stair wall turned out to mustard-yellow-y and not gold. Wah. Waste of good paint!

On that note, I will go think about something else, and remember to remain grateful for all that is good in my life.

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